Shabbat Dinners: Fridays at 6:30pm

Jewish tradition marks the end of the week with a festive Shabbat Dinner, welcoming in the day of rest. Shabbat is a beautiful way to reward yourself after a long week of working and studying with delicious treats. Beach Hillel believes that observing Judaic practices are an intrinsic part of students’ spiritual growth that will lead to them becoming a more active and involved adult in the Jewish community around them.

Students often participate in Shabbat Dinners for the great food, but stay to immerse themselves in conversations with their Jewish peers. Beach Hillel’s Shabbats are warm, welcoming, inviting, and easily accessible. If you have friends that would make you enjoy this experience more, please bring them along!

Beach Hillel will often revamp Shabbat dinners by providing a unique theme to them, including Pink Shabbat on Valentine’s day featuring foods that contain aphrodisiacs, Rainbow Shabbat to incorporate the LGBT community into Judaism, and an Israeli Shabbat that builds a unique experience from abroad.

If you have any other questions about Shabbat or are interested in attending, please contact Ally.