March 18, 2015

Torah on Tap

Torah on Tap: Once a month, Thursdays, at 5:00 PM at The Nugget at CSULB

Torah on Tap is a program that we host for students who are interested in learning more about Judaism. This program is led by our Jewish educator, Chaya Leah Sufrin. Students are invited to delve into texts of the Torah while relaxing with a beer and enjoying conversation with Jewish peers. Beach Hillel understands that critical thinking and passionate questioning of the Torah can lead to greater confidence in one’s Jewish identity.

Past Torah on Tap topics have included Judgement in Judaism, the Jewish afterlife, Jewish demons, proper sex practices according to the Talmud, and the meaning of Dreams, among others.

Torah on Tap happens at the CSULB Nugget on a monthly basis. Do you have any questions about Torah on Tap or do you have a topic that you are excited to learn about? Feel free to message Chaya Leah at