Jewish Learning Opportunities

Sinai Scholars

Do you enjoy fun and lively conversations?
Do you want to challenge the status quo?
Do you have questions about Judaism that are important to discuss?
Do you want to discover how Judaism is relevant and forward-thinking?
Do you want to join a warm community?

Then join the club! Sinai Scholars is for you! This learning experience is different from any class you have ever attended!

Sinai Scholars is not a series of lectures; it is a series of interactive discussions. It is not a repeat of what you experienced in Hebrew school; it is fun, stimulating, deep, and relevant. It is not a time to listen; it’s a time to question. It is not geared to tell you what to think; it provides an opportunity to explore Judaism’s rich heritage at your own pace with you in the driver’s seat.

Sinai Scholars is a platform upon which participants explore central elements of Judaism that are relevant, interesting, and empowering for all Jews, irrespective of background, education, and level of commitment. By the end of this journey, you will have a richer appreciation for some of the core elements of Jewish heritage and Jewish identity, along with a deeper understanding about how these interface with modern life.

Drinking Like an Adult

A fun series for the 21+ crowd will be kicking off this spring. Beginning in February 2019 and continuing through May, Beach Hillel’s Drinking Like an Adult series will be for older undergraduate students, graduate students, alumni, as well as young adults in the area.

Led by ChayaLeah and Ally, the new series will take place every other week at a different brewery and explore not only Jewish tradition, but also seek to educate young adults on appropriate drinking practices as they enter adulthood.

The Drinking Like an Adult series will take place every other week (except when it would occur on Passover) at different breweries in the Long Beach area. The series costs $36 and includes one beer at each session, with participants able to purchase more drinks on their own.

To register for the Drinking Like an Adult series or if you have any questions, you can reach out to Ally.