Beach Hillel offers opportunities for students, whether internships, conferences, or more. Stay tuned here to find out what’s coming up for this school year!


We offer a variety of internships through Beach Hillel and partnering organizations.

If you love making friends and want to help grow the Beach Hillel community ask Ally about our Engagement Internships!

If you are interested in helping to further Beach Hillel’s inclusion goals reach out to Bri about being a Ruderman Inclusion Ambassador.

If Israel Advocacy is your thing reach out to Shir about all of the wonderful Israel internships we have in partnership with organizations such as Stand With Us, IAC, ICC, ZOA, and more!

Hillel Leaders

Amazing leadership opportunity for Beach Hillel students!

What is this program?
The group will meet every other week. The meeting will contain two parts- In the first part we will learn a new leadership skill together (Self-leadership, Interpersonal communication, Creative and groundbreaking thinking, Time management, Leadership styles, etc.). In the second part we will discuss ways to help and support each other.

Emphasis will be placed on two main objectives:

  1. Expand Hillel's activity on campus and reachout to more Jewish students on campus.
  2. Encouraging support for Judaism and Israel, based on interpersonal acquaintance.

Who are we looking for?
Students who are involved in Beach Hillel and also involved (or want to be involved) in other groups on campus. The most important thing- students who have motivation to develop their self confidence, their social skills, and want to become leaders and inspire other people!

When is it going to happen?
The meetings will be held on Friday mornings, between 10:00am-12:30pm, in the following dates: 2/22, 3/8, 3/22, 4/12, 5/3. All the meetings will include brunch! The participants will be required to attend all the meetings.