Join the Beach Hillel Student Board for the 2017-18 School Year!

Beach Hillel is excited to announce the opening of the student board for this school year! Joining Beach Hillel’s student board is an excellent opportunity for both involvement with Beach Hillel, as well as being able to more easily make things happen for your fellow students.

Of course, it is a time commitment of volunteering on top of already being a student, so it can be tough to have some extra responsibility. Nevertheless, there are requirements for these positions. Nominations for all board positions will be accepted until our Welcome Back Party on September 7th. Nominations will be accepted by contacting any staff member and providing the name of the nominee and the position for which they are being nominated. Elections will take place at the Welcome Back Party!

If you are interested, below are responsibilities for each of the positions and we wanted to let you know up front what you are getting yourself into, and to let you know what will be expected of you in each of these positions.

Each Vice President (VP) is allowed to create and supervise a committee of up to 3 students to help with their positions. Committee member responsibilities will be created, as necessary, alongside engagement staff.

If you would like to know more about a specific position, please speak with our new Ezra Fellow, Ally Levine, by emailing her at

Here are the basic responsibilities for each position on the student board:


  • Create agendas and lead Hillel student board meetings
  • Attend weekly staff meetings
  • Attend Hillel Lay Board meetings every 6 weeks
  • Represent Hillel on campus and at broader Jewish community events
  • Oversight over all delegated tasks, activities, and programs
  • Any responsibilities that come up and do not full into another officer’s responsibility will be handled by the President

VP of Finance

  • Work with Hillel staff to create budgets for programs
  • Apply to Associate Students, Inc. (ASI) for programming grants
  • Represent Beach Hillel at ASI meetings to ask for grants
  • Submit follow up paperwork to Student Life & Development (SLD)
  • Work with VP of Communications and lay board members to organize a phone-a-thon and a thank-a-thon

VP of Communications

  • Work with engagement staff to create social media campaigns
  • Promote programs and Hillel campus presence online
  • Work with Hillel staff to create monthly newsletters to go out to the community
  • Create Facebook events for all Hillel programs
  • Work with VP of Finance and lay board members to organize a phone-a-thon and a thank-a-thon
  • Update Beach Hillel website on a monthly basis

VP of Shabbat

  • Help coordinate volunteers for Shabbat programming
  • Build relationships with other groups on campus to co-sponsor themed Shabbat dinners
  • Work with staff to organize Shabbat program
  • Coordinate with students to help set-up and clean-up from Shabbat
  • Apply for grants for Shabbat when appropriate
  • Input attendance and evaluations for all Shabbat programs

VP of Israel Affairs

  • Work with Israel Fellow and Israel interns to coordinate programs on campus
  • Help recruit for Taglit-Birthright Israel trips
  • Represent Beach Hillel at all community Israel programs

VP of Holiday Fun

  • Work with Jewish Educator(s) to build campus outreach programs based on the Jewish holidays
  • Advertise across campus Jewish holidays in creative and engaging ways
  • Create programs that help students on and off campus celebrate Jewish holidays
  • Create programs that educate students about Jewish holidays and values
  • Work with VP of Finance to apply for grants for Jewish Holidays through SLD
  • Take attendance and create program evaluations for all holiday programs

VP of Programs

  • Reserve space on campus for all programs
  • Oversee the creation of any program outside of Shabbat, Holiday, and Israel programs
  • Coordinate with VP of Communications on social media needs for programs
  • Document all programs with attendance and evaluations

VP of Freshman and New Student Outreach

  • Create engaging programs for Freshman students at least once a month
  • Create at least one program a week for the first month of school
  • Create one program a semester in the dorms
  • Work with Ally Levine to organize all aspects of Week of Welcome