April 16, 2017

Graduating Seniors

Lindsey Beardsley

Lindsey is graduating this spring from CSULB with an Anthropology degree!

Miki Benson

Miki spent fall semester studying abroad in Europe and is graduating from the Theater department at CSULB this spring! After graduating she plans to move to Los Angeles or Tel Aviv to pursue her acting career!

Esther Beron

Esther graduated from CSULB in fall, moved to Los Angeles, and just passed her real estate license exam a few weeks ago! Mazal tov!

Josh Burger

Josh is graduating the Master of Science in Kinesiology with a concentration in Sport and Exercise Psychology program at CSULB. He hopes to work in the sports psychology and tennis coaching field.

Matthew Butterfield

Matthew is graduating this semester from CSULB and majored in Geology. After graduating he plans to get an internship in the field of politics! Congrats on graduating!

Colton Dahlenburg

Colton is graduating this semester with a degree in Communication Studies from CSULB. This summer he is vacationing to celebrate his accomplishments, and he looks forward to start his career after he returns.

Jordan Daniels

Jordan is graduating from CSULB with a degree in Communications and a minor in Film. He worked in social media for ASI Communications on campus. Congrats on graduating!

Eric Glass

Eric graduated from CSULB after fall semester with a degree in Business and has been working for ADP here in Long Beach since he graduated. When he was a student, Eric was very involved with AIPAC and we are excited to watch him continue to be a strong Israel advocate in the future!

Max Goldstein

Max graduated from CSULB in fall with a degree in Construction Management Engineering. Since he graduated, he got a job in San Diego working on a construction site and living the dream!

Tal Heruty

Tal is graduating this spring with a Bachelors in Fashion Merchandising and Design. She plans to stay in the Long Beach area after she graduates. You should check out her Depop shop and check out her vintage clothing collection! Depop.com/talmeow

Kelsey Kimmes

Kelsey is graduating this semester with a Bachelors in Performance Art. While at CSULB, Kelsey was president of 49ers for Israel, Senator for College of the Arts, ICC Fellow for 2 years, and she was on the mock trial team for a year! We can’t wait to see where the future takes you!

Brandon Lacy

Brandon is graduating with a Bachelor degree in Studio Art, with an emphasis on Graphic Design. He has been a Graphic Design intern at Hillel for the past three years, and after he graduates he plans to work as a graphic designer worldwide!

Tali Shaddaie

Tali is graduating from CSULB this spring with a Bachelors in Speech Language Pathology! While at CSULB, she interned at Hillel and was the founding President of the pro-Israel club 49ers for Israel. Next fall she is starting her Masters in Speech Language Pathology at CSUF!

Kylie Shahar

Kylie double majored in Political Science and Philosophy from CSULB and can’t wait to travel after she graduates this semester!

Caleb Stahl

Caleb is graduating CSULB with a Bachelors in Japanese and a minor in Computer Science. He wants to live in Japan after graduating and further his Japanese studies there.

Jamie Steinman

Jamie is graduating this semester from the Teaching Credential program with a focus on special education. She has been working at an elementary school in Long Beach and plans to stay in the Long Beach-Los Angeles area after graduating!

Ariel Tafel

Ariel is graduating from the Film Department at CSULB this semester! He worked as a graphic design intern at Hillel for a year, and has been working with Happy Madison Productions in Los Angeles. He plans to keep working with them after graduation and move up in the production company.

Anna Williams

Anna is a Jewish Studies major at CSULB and just got back from a year of studying abroad in Israel, where she fell in love with the culture, food, language, and people!