MSA and friends @ CSULB get creative against Israel

Using their best poster making and geurilla theater skills, the MSA and their non-Muslim or MSA affiliated students at CSULB launch an attack on Israel and make Jewish students feel uncomfortable on the quad on campus.

A student came into the University Interfaith Center on Tuesday at CSULB and asked all of us if we had seen the “laundry line” display on the quad. I had not, but after the meeting I headed right up. I was greeted by MSA members who had made a very colorful poster-board-on-laundry-line presentation about the “Holocaust of Palestinians”, the equation of Israelis to Nazis, the inverted claim that it was Israeli soldiers and not Hamas jihadists who use children as “human sheild”.

I was stunned by the fact that the sweet looking girl handing out fliers, wearing a kafiya as a scarf, a green arm band tied to her right arm, was neither an MSA member, had no idea what the arm band meant, and did not really seem to have a grasp on the situation in the Middle East. But she happily invited me to participate in the “Die-In” scheduled for today.

She, like so many is a member of the “progressive” student groups who in some insane way think that the radical Islamic member of the MSA, and the ideological positions they support (suicide bombings, building weapons production facilities in Palestinian residential buildings, honor killings, FGM etc.) are PROGRESSIVE simply because they are protesting a State.

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